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Fine Nicaraguan Premium Cigars

Fine Nicaraguan Premium Cigars

Fine Nicaraguan Premium CigarsFine Nicaraguan Premium CigarsFine Nicaraguan Premium Cigars
Cigars for connoisseurs - - mellowed & bloomed! Enjoy!

Hiskey Vintage Cigar Collection

Welcome to our collection of rare and vintage premium cigars!  


 Hiskey Distributors has amassed a cigar collector’s dream and we are constantly searching and inspecting quality private collections for purchase.  Most of the cigars we offer are incredibly hard to find since many of the cigar manufacturers are no longer in business. 

Browse our current offerings in the Shop Now page (click below) and enjoy one of these fine rare vintage cigars from around the world.  We have properly researched, vetted, inspected and cared for each cigar in our 

Hiskey Vintage Cigar Collection. 

Note to Buyers:  From our vintage collection, we post only five different cigar lines at a time to sell on our Shop Now page.  It is purely a hit or miss situation when purchasing from our collection, which we refresh regularly whenever we sell out of a certain type of cigar.  

So ... if you see something you like, jump on it now, because when they're gone ... they're gone forever!