Have a Hiskey with your whiskey!

Hiskey Cigars

Fine Nicaraguan Premium Cigars

Fine Nicaraguan Premium Cigars

Fine Nicaraguan Premium CigarsFine Nicaraguan Premium CigarsFine Nicaraguan Premium Cigars
Why should I consider a Nicaraguan puro cigar?

Custom Hiskey Cigars

It’s a fact - - today’s Nicaraguan puro cigars are earning higher ratings than Cuban cigars! 

The Original No-Band Cigar

Custom Hiskey No-Band Cigars

Everything about our Hiskey Nicaraguan puro cigars (puro – meaning a pure cigar containing blended tobaccos from only one country) shows they are meticulously hand-rolled, and each cigar is slightly unique with a fantastic old-world construction. No machine-wrapped paper bands or cellophane! No automated factory robots here! Just 100% hand-rolled premium tobacco!


What's Special About a Hiskey Cigar?

Aged for Three Years


Each custom crafted Hiskey cigar is made exclusively of the best Nicaraguan premium long-leaf tobacco fillers, whole leaf binders and the highest quality wrappers.   

Hand-rolled & Block Pressed


All of our Hiskey custom Nicaraguan puro cigars are individually hand-rolled in small quality-controlled batches and wrapped using premium long-leaf fillers and binders. Hiskey cigars are truly a one-of-a-kind smooth, flavorful cigar!  Yes, you will pause with every puff and whisper to yourself, “Wow!” 

Keg Aged - Vapor Permeated


After construction, Hiskey cigars are vapor permeated for almost a year with whiskey and other liquor flavors using a process developed by some of the best fragrance makers in the perfume industry! Our aeration environment prevents liquids from ever touching our cigars during permeation, resulting in a heavenly sweet bourbon aroma without altering the true smoking flavor of our blended Nicaraguan premium tobaccos.  Yes!

Whiskey & Bourbon Backgrounds


Yup, that's our secret!  Whether you are a hardened veteran of big, bold taste in a cigar, a casual mild to medium cigar lover, or just an occasional petite corona smoker, our 16 varieties of whiskey, bourbon and rum vapor permeated Hiskey cigars will offer the perfect fit for you. Try all of our Hiskey flavored cigars, and you will recognize and love the bold flavors that characterize each city! 

Wide Variety of Shapes and Flavors


From double gordos to petite coronas, you will find that perfect shape and smoke from a Hiskey Cigar!  Take your special private time and work your way through these custom flavored, hand-crafted cigars to find that perfect fit!  Enjoy!

Starters - Raleigh & New Orleans


Very few cigars can compete with our Hiskey line of petite coronas!  If you enjoy the sweet tip of a flavored cigar, then you've just hit the jackpot!  Start with our two most popular flavored coronas, the Raleigh (cherry rum) and the New Orleans (honey bourbon).

Totally Natural and Totally Naked

The Devil Is in the Details


A benchmark of construction - Hiskey cigars are meticulously hand-rolled and block pressed in the traditional style. Here, we have our Miami cigar (a parejo gordo with a maduro wrapper) fully disassembled.  Note the long filler leaves at the bottom center, and the whole leaf binder on the right which bears the block press lines.  The three wrap cap has been removed (and emptied) at the top center along with the super smooth fine-leaf maduro wrapper on the left.  It just doesn't get any better than this!

“Totally First Class"


Let’s face it; you shouldn’t the smoke paper cigar bands!  So, let's go totally naked! But, just because we like going commando, doesn’t mean we can’t properly brand our cigars in style! Boxed, jarred, sleeved or tubed, Hiskey cigars make an impressive gift for the best of friends, family, clients and parties! So, what are you waiting for? You know what they say ... presentation is everything!